Digital Oilfields were introduced into production projects ranging around 20 years ago. Since then, the technology has evolved and has created a modern day technology that links people, process and technology. This allows operators to work remote and challenging environments while gathering important data. Digital Oilfield projects hold the capability to increase:


Production Optimization




Data Integration


Decision Support


Workflow Automation


Operational Efficiency

The digital oilfield concept has been around for many years and relates to the automation of various aspects of oil and gas exploration and production. In the era of ever growing demand for energy and end of “Easy Oil,” digital oilfields help maximize oilfield recovery, eliminate non-productive time, and increase ROI and profitability through integration of workflows and design. The workflows combine business process management with advanced information technologies to streamline or automate various operations performed by different functional teams.

In Houston, Texas from December 7-9, join IQPC for the 3rd Annual Digital Oilfields Summit to discuss the current challenges and solutions for this progressive industry.

Benefits of Attending?


Discover advancements to keep your data secure and safe from outside vulnerabilities


Discuss the different technologies and products to organize your “big data” into the correct departments and make sure the information is in the right hands


Hear about the newest technologies from the emerging security market


Understand the importance of big data and devaluation of the big data if not properly monitored


Collaborate with peers and colleagues about the future of the industry and how the price/barrel will affected the future of the oil and gas industry as well as the DOF industry

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